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Multilayer PCB board PCB Printed Circuit Board

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Good quality SMT PCB Assembly
Good quality SMT PCB Assembly
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Multilayer PCB Board

  • High Precision Multilayer PCB Board suppliers

What it is:

Any PCB Board with more than 2 layers can be called Multilayer PCB Board .


Multilayer PCB Board includes multi-layer etch layers and medium layers between each two etch layers.The medium layer can be very thin. There are at least three conductive layer in a multilayer circuit board , two of which are outlayers, while the remaining one is synthesized inside the insulation board.

The electrical connection between them is usually achieved through the plating hole in the cross section of the circuit board. 

Classify: Multilayer rigid board, multilayer flexible board and multilayer rigid-flex board.


Why we need it:

Cause the increased concentration of integrated circuit package leading to a high concentration of interconnect lines, It makes it necessory to use the multiple substrates.

Unpredictable design issues such as noise, stray capacitance, crosstalk, etc. occur in the layout of the PCB. Therefore, the design of PCB must focus on minimizing the length of the signal line and avoiding parallel paths.

Obviously, due to the limited number of crossovers that can be achieved in a single-side, even in a double-side board, these requirements cannot be satisfied.

In the case of a large number of requirements in interconnections and crossovers, to achieve a satisfactory performance, the board must be expanded to more than two layers, so a multilayer PCB board is manufactured.



Multilayer PCB board PCB Printed Circuit Board

Multilayer PCB board PCB Printed Circuit Board
Multilayer PCB board PCB Printed Circuit Board Multilayer PCB board PCB Printed Circuit Board Multilayer PCB board PCB Printed Circuit Board Multilayer PCB board PCB Printed Circuit Board Multilayer PCB board PCB Printed Circuit Board

Large Image :  Multilayer PCB board PCB Printed Circuit Board

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KAZ
Certification: UL&ROHS
Model Number: KAZA-005

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: 0.1-20 USD / Unit
Packaging Details: vacuum package
Delivery Time: 3-14 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, L/C, D/A
Supply Ability: 2000 m2 / Month
Detailed Product Description
Layer Count: 2 ` 30 Layers Max Board Size: 600 Mm X 1200 Mm
Base Material For PCB: FR4, CEM-1, TACONIC, Aluminium, High Tg Material, High Frequence ROGERS ,TEFLON, ARLON, Halogen-free Material Rang Of Finish Baords Thickness: 0.21-7.0mm
Minimum Line Width: 3mil (0.075mm) Minimum Line Space: 3mil (0.075mm)
Minimum Hole Diameter: 0.10 Mm Finishing Treatment: HASL (Tin-Lead Free), ENIG(Immersion Gold), Immersion Silver , Gold Plating (Flash Gold), OSP, Etc.
Thickness Of Copper: 0.5-14oz (18-490um) E-Testing: 100% E-Testing (High Voltage Testing); Flying Probe Testing
High Light:

custom printed circuit board


rigid flex pcb

Multilayer PCB board PCB Printed Circuit Board




1. Circuit Board Features




1. One Stop OEM Service, Made in Shenzhen of China

2. Manufactured by Gerber File and BOM List from Customer

3. FR4 Material, Meet 94V0 standard

4. SMT, DIP technology suport

5. Lead Free HASL, Environmental Protection

6. UL, CE, ROHS Compliant

7. Shipping By DHL,UPS, TNT, EMS or Customer requirement




2. Circuit Board Technical capability




SMT Position accuracy:20 um
Components size:0.4×0.2mm(01005) —130×79mm,Flip-CHIP,QFP,BGA,POP
Max. component height::25mm
Max. PCB size:680×500mm
Min. PCB size:no limited
PCB thickness:0.3 to 6mm
PCB weight:3KG
Wave-Solder Max. PCB width:450mm
Min. PCB width: no limited
Component height:Top 120mm/Bot 15mm
Sweat-Solder Metal type :part, whole, inlay, sidestep
Metal material:Copper , Aluminum
Surface Finish:plating Au, plating sliver , plating Sn
Air bladder rate:less than20%
Press-fit Press range:0-50KN
Max. PCB size:800X600mm
Testing ICT,Probe flying,burn-in,function test,temperature cycling



A multilayer PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a type of circuit board that consists of multiple layers of conductive material separated by insulating layers. It is used to provide complex interconnections between electronic components in various electronic devices.

Multilayer PCBs are commonly used in applications where a high level of circuit complexity or density is required. By using multiple layers, these boards can accommodate a larger number of components and connections compared to single or double-sided PCBs. This makes them suitable for advanced electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, networking equipment, and automotive electronics.

The construction of a multilayer PCB involves sandwiching multiple layers of copper traces and insulating material together. The inner layers consist of a core material, typically made of fiberglass-reinforced epoxy resin (FR-4), which is pre-preg material impregnated with epoxy resin. Copper foil is then laminated to both sides of the core material, forming the inner conductive layers.

To create the desired interconnections, the inner layers are etched to remove unwanted copper and create the circuit traces. These traces form the electrical pathways between components and are typically connected through plated-through holes (PTHs) that penetrate the entire thickness of the board.

The outer layers of a multilayer PCB are typically made of copper foil laminated to the top and bottom surfaces of the inner layers. The outer layers are also etched to create circuit traces and can be covered with a solder mask to protect the copper and provide insulation. The final step involves applying a silkscreen layer for component labeling and identification.

The number of layers in a multilayer PCB can vary depending on the complexity of the circuit and the space available within the device. Commonly used multilayer PCB configurations include 4-layer, 6-layer, 8-layer, and even higher layer counts.

Designing and manufacturing multilayer PCBs require specialized software tools and manufacturing processes. PCB design software allows engineers to define the circuit layout, interconnections, and component placement. The manufacturing process involves a series of steps, including layer stacking, drilling, plating, etching, solder mask application, and final inspection.

Overall, multilayer PCBs offer increased design flexibility, reduced size, enhanced electrical performance, and improved signal integrity compared to single or double-sided PCBs. They play a crucial role in enabling the development of advanced electronic devices with complex functionality.




2. Circuit Board Pictures





Multilayer PCB board PCB Printed Circuit Board

Multilayer PCB board PCB Printed Circuit Board





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